11/2: Lou Gehrig only played one season in which he played every inning of every game.
11/5: Brady Anderson has more 50 home run seasons (1) than former HR King Hank Aaron (0, Aaron's career high was 47)
11/6: Hall of Fame broadcaster, Ernie Harwell, was traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers from the minor league Atlanta Crackers for catcher Cliff Dapper. This marked the only occasion in which an announcer was traded for a player. 
11/7: While Miguel Cabrera became the 12th man to win the Triple Crown (lead league in BA/HR/RBI) and first since 1967, Mike Trout became the FIRST PLAYER EVER in MLB history to hit 30 home runs, steal 45 bases, and score 125 runs in the same season.
11/9: On Thursday, Maicer Izturis signed a three year, $9 million contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. This was the first guaranteed multi-year contract handed out by General Manager Alex Anthopoulos to a free agent since 2009. That's over three years without handing out a single multi-year deal to a free agent.
11/12: The only pair of brothers to win the Cy Young is Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry and his older sibling, Jim Perry. Jim won the 1970 Cy Young while Gaylord won it in both 1972 and 1978.
11/13: On Monday, Bryce Harper and Mike Trout won the BBWAA's Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year award. Together, they have the highest combined WAR by any pair of rookies in Major League history (15.7 WAR). They replaced 1964 ROYs, Tony Oliva and Richie "Dick" Allen, who had a combined 15.1 WAR.
11/14: R.A. Dickey became the first knuckleball pitcher ever to win the Cy Young Award.
11/15: Miguel Cabrera and Buster Posey became the first set of league MVPs to face off in the World Series since Jose Canseco of the Oakland Athletics and Kirk Gibson of the Los Angeles Dodgers clashed in the 1988 Fall Classic.
11/16: Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera became the first pair to win the MVP while also leading their respective league in hitting since 1938. Jimmie Foxx (AL) and Ernie Lombardi (NL) captured both honors that season.
11/19: 2012 marked the first time in the history of MVP voting in which not a single Red Sox player received a vote.
11/20: Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson has grounded into the most triple plays with four
11/21: Hall of Famer Stan Musial coincidentally has 1815 hits at home and 1815 hits on the road. Happy 92nd Birthday Stan the Man!
11/22: Contrary to popular belief, Jackie Robinson was not the first colored player to play professional major league baseball. That honor goes to Moses Fleetwood Walker, who played for Toledo of the American Association in 1884. 
11/24: Tim Raines reached base more often (3,977 times on base) than Tony Gwynn (3,955 times on base), despite having 536 fewer hits
11/26: The first full time baseball statistician was Alan Roth, who hired by the Dodgers in 1947
11/27: In 1981, the Cincinnati Reds won the most games in baseball, yet did not even reach the postseason. Due to the player's strike that season, playoff teams were selected from division leaders from each half of the season. The Reds finished a game behind the Dodgers in the first half and a game and a half behind the Astros in the second half.
11/28: Under Marvin Miller's watch as the MLBPA leader (1966-1982), player's annual salaries rose from $19,000 to $326,000. Today, the average annual salary stands at $3.4 million.
11/29: Shortstops Derek Jeter and Ozzie Smith have played a comparable amount of innings in their careers (21,977.2 for Jeter, 21,785.2 for Smith). During that time frame, Smith had 2,689 more fielding chances (assists plus putouts plus errors) than Jeter, even with a 200 inning deficit to Jeter. That comes out to about 150 more plays per season made by Smith than Jeter
11/30: Victor Starrfin is Japan's first 300 game winner


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