2/1: Lefty Grove has the highest winning percentage among 300 game winners, sitting at 68%
2/4: Albert Belle is the only player in ML history to hit 50 or more home runs and doubles in the same season. He accomplished the feat in 1995 with 50 HRs and 52 2Bs
2/5: Mariano Rivera's most valuable season (going by B-Ref WAR) was his 1996 campaign, in which he was 4.8 WAR. Ironically, this season was one in which he only saved 5 games
2/6: Ty Cobb is the youngest player to reach 3000 hits (34 years, 245 days old)
2/8: Babe Ruth is the only player to amass over 2000 hits, walks, runs scored, and runs batted in in his career
2/11: Only Sparky Anderson and Tony La Russa have won WS in two different leagues
2/12: Vic Power was the last first baseman to lead league in triples when he hit 10 in 1958 
2/13: Eddie Gaedel is best known as being the 1951 publicity stunt in which the 3'7" Gaedel had a Major League at-bat for the St. Louis Browns. A more obscure fact about Gaedel is that he wore the number 1/8
2/14: Darin Erstad is the only leadoff hitter in MLB history to have 100 RBI in a season (exactly 100 RBI in 2000)
2/18: In order to stay cool, Babe Ruth put a cabbage leaf in his hat for every game, changing the leaf every two innings
2/19: Joel Youngblood was the first and only player in Major League history to have hits in two different cities for two different teams on the same day. On August 4, 1982, Youngblood had a single for the Mets in the afternoon, was traded to the Expos and got a seventh inning single at night
2/20: Ken Ash is the only player in big league history to win a game on one pitch. He accomplished the feat on July 27, 1930, for the Cincinnati Reds
2/21: The only way to get a ground rule triple is if a fielder deliberately touches he ball with his hat or mask (ie, tries to catch it) or throws his glove  intentionally and touches a fair ball
2/22: The last player to drive in over 100 runs while hitting less than 10 home runs in a season was Hall of Famer, Paul Molitor. Molitor drove in 110 runs for the 1996 Twins with only 9 home runs
2/25: In 2012, Clayton Kershaw led all pitchers in pickoffs with 12
2/26: In yesterday's Grapefruit League game between the Boston Red Sox (SS) and Toronto Blue Jays, Red Sox pitchers did not throw a single ball through the first 4 innings on just 31 pitches.  Knuckleballer Steven Wright threw the first 2 innings (14 pitches, 14 strikes) and Allen Webster threw the 3rd and 4th innings (17 pitches, 17 strikes)
2/27: Located in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louisville Slugger Museum, the world's largest baseball bat is 120 feet long and weighs over 68,000 lbs
2/28: Of players to bat at least .300 last year, Salvador Perez was the only player to  have a BABIP less than .300


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